Rise of the Ninja

Painting Party at The School

May 132016

Our family had the awesome privelege tonight of getting to participate in the beginning of something new.  It is not completely new, but definitely a fresh new start on something that we believe will be big.  We were able to put our blood, sweat, and tears into the new home of our school, American Academy of Martial Arts.  Our instructors, Mr. Watson and Mr. Harris were painting and cleaning the new studio and put Amy, myself, and the kids to work.  We had a blast and it felt nothing like work.  We are very excited to see what awaits for the new school and our own future as we continue to train in martial arts.

American Academy of Martial Arts teaches Tang Soo Do, which is a Korean form of martial arts.  Our family has been training in martial arts for 2 years now and it has become very important to each of us.  This new school is just what we like, a family training center.  This is a place where we can all continue to train together as a family.  There is something special about getting to participate in sporting activities with your children.  You can either sit on the sideline and watch, or you can get out there and have fun with them and be a part of their world.


I'm Not as Old as I Feel

May 082016

The ridiculous thing about my current state of health is that I feel so much older than I am.  I have never been extremely health-conscious.  If someone were to offer bacon or a nice salad, I am of course going to take the bacon.  Of course, I could just add that bacon to my salad and dowse it in Thousand Island dressing.  Do you see what I mean now?  I have discovered, both a couple of years ago when I started training and recently as I am coming out of a 3 month break, that I am in far worse physical condition that I would like to be.  I would like to be able to make it through one class where I do not feel like I am going to pass out at some point.  

No Pain, No Gain

May 062016

Wow!  Our class last night was amazing and fun, but it was ridiculously painful as well.  When we arrived at the studio, we were told to head to the gym next door to begin our warm ups.  We started with running/jogging around the gym.  Then we were told to do crossovers with our feet for a lap before doing another lap with high knees.  We were lucky because we were then given a lap to walk it off and catch our breath.  This was not the end of our warm ups.  Once we were finished doing laps, we started walking the gym floor from end to end doing lunges followed quickly by another set of waling lunges with front kicks in between.  Finally, we ended by doing some duck walks and crab crawls (forward and backward).


The Beginning of a Martial Arts School

May 052016

Recently, our family began discussing the idea of beginning our own martial arts school.  The idea is that my wife, Amy, would become the chief instructor and would teach along with the assistance of our children and myself.  I would handle the business aspects of the school because that is something I enjoy.  Amy has had the dream of opening her own school for a while now.  This would be an adventure for our family and provide something enjoyable for years to come as we train elite warriors and help people learn to defend themselves and others from harm.  We also like the idea of teaching the disciplines of our Tang Soo Do tradition such as respect, self-control, and indomitable spirit. Amy and I also like the idea of our children taking a leadership role in whatever form we can provide for them at the school and maybe even eventually joining and helping to manage the family business.

Training Between Travel

Nov 302015

I have been in the Information technology industry for almost 20 years. Last year, I made a career change that was extremely difficult for a number of reasons.  I am still in IT, but I am not an engineer in the way I used to be. I am in sales now. I am a sales engineer, but the word engineer no longer carries the same meaning. 


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